Your Guide To Interpreting The Cracks In Your Commercial Asphalt To Assess For Damage

If your business has a parking lot, it's likely made of asphalt. That asphalt will eventually sustain damage or wear-and-tear that will make timely maintenance and prompt repairs essential. Since the indicators of damage or excessive wear are often quite subtle, it's a good idea to watch for the following indicators that your commercial asphalt needs some time with a qualified professional.    Watch For A Series Of Thinner, Connected Cracks In The Asphalt Read More 

Maintenance And Repair Of An Aging Paved Driveway

Over time your paved driveway may settle, crack, and even develop potholes or low spots that have to be repaired. While asphalt is very durable, it will weather and were over time. There are some thing you can do to keep it looking nice but you may need to repair imperfections before you can move on to the maintenance. Inspecting Your Driveway For Damage The best way to get a good look at the driveway is to sweep it all off with a stiff broom then hose it down to remove sand, silt, or dirt from the surface. Read More 

A Guide To Parking Lot Paving And Maintenance

To be sure that your business is in good hands, you can never overlook the prospect of caring for your parking lot. When you let your parking lot become damaged, it can create hazards and even safety risks for anyone who enters your property. To curb these problems, you will need to learn a little bit more about parking lot paving and maintenance, while also reaching out to contractors who can tackle the work on your behalf. Read More 

Driveway Paving 101: 3 Materials To Consider

If you are like most people, you probably don't give your driveway much thought. However, that may be a mistake. Aside from providing functionality, your driveway actually impacts your home. A well-maintained and newer driveway will increase the value, curb appeal, and functionality of your home. If you've been thinking about having a new driveway installed, consider using one of these three paving materials: 1. Brick and Cobblestone Timeless and classic, brick is a fantastic choice for driveways. Read More 

Tips To Help You Install A Well-Built And Long-Lasting Asphalt Surface

Your new asphalt pavement will look attractive in your yard and create a smooth surface as soon as it is installed. Overtime, the true stability within your asphalt's installed foundation base will become evident in how well it holds up under its existing environmental conditions. Depending on the climate you live in, for example, the weather may bring freezing temperatures and wet weather during winter that can cause the moisture to permeate the asphalt to freeze and expand. Read More