Maintaining Your Asphalt Lot

If you want to enjoy a smooth parking area with a sleek look, it's hard to find a better option than an asphalt lot. However, if you're going to make the commitment to improve your property by pouring asphalt, it's important that you're also prepared to commit to proper maintenance tasks.

Unfortunately, many people may be unaware of the best practices to follow to guarantee their lot's performance. Below, you'll find a guide to maintaining your asphalt lot that should provide you with some helpful tips that will secure your lot and protect your investment for many years to come.

Rapid Repairs

As with any other kind of surface or structure, occasional damage is inevitable. Even with very careful usage, accidents happen, and regular wear and tear may lead to some slight crumbling or the development of potholes. The danger, however, is in allowing those problems to linger without quick treatment.

Asphalt is composed of small component parts that rely on a strong adhesive to form a reliable surface. If you allow cracks to spread throughout those component parts, you may be looking at unsightly damage or an unstable lot faster than you realize. Taking quick action to limit damage is an essential step in making sure it doesn't spread out of control.

Consistent Cleaning

Spots and stains on your asphalt surface may pose a greater risk than simply being unpleasant to look at. Decomposing leaves might eat away at your surface, and spills from auto fluids can cause breakdowns in the chemical compounds which compose your asphalt and allow for a cohesive look.

Regular cleaning of your surface can help prevent these issues. You should also consider scheduling occasional power washing to guarantee a deep clean and the removal of any stubborn stains. This regular regimen can restore your surface to its previous shine and guarantee that your lot always looks maintained and professional.


Perhaps the best way to guarantee protection to your asphalt is to add a layer that's designed to do exactly that. Sealcoating products can repel water and dirt, and can even form a protective layer against the problems caused by ultraviolet rays in sunlight. Consult with your asphalt paving service to find the best products for your lot and develop a schedule for applying them. Follow that plan strictly if you want to be sure that you'll always have the protection you desire.

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