Tips For Preparing Your Asphalt Playground’s Surface For Decorative Painting

If your school's staff has decided to tackle the project of painting some colorful designs on its playground's asphalt surface for the kids to enjoy, then there are a few things you can do to make the project a success. Whether you plan to simply paint some hopscotch game designs on the asphalt or a more complicated mural, preparing the asphalt's surface is vital to ensure that the paint will adhere correctly.

To achieve the best results when your school's staff paint its asphalt parking lot, follow each of these time-tested preparation tips:

Tip: Clean the Surface of the Asphalt

You cannot paint your children's playground until the asphalt is clean and free of any minor damage. The first step in the preparation process is to thoroughly clean the asphalt. You can clean the asphalt using a:

  • push broom

  • water hose

  • leaf blower

If your school has a leaf blower, then this is the absolute best way to clean the most dirt and dust from the playground. If you don't have a leaf blower, then you should use a broom to clean the playground followed by washing it off with a hose with a sprayer attachment. Allow the parking lot to completely dry before you apply any paint.

Tip: Degrease the Surface of the Asphalt

If there are any areas of the playground that has oil or grease stains, then they need to be removed before you apply paint. You can easily remove oils from asphalt using either a degreaser available at your local hardware store or by pouring a can of cola drink on them. The cola contains and acid that will dissolve the stains. Let the cola or degreaser sit on the asphalt's surface for a few minutes and then wash it off with your hose.

Tip: Fill Any Cracks with Asphalt Crack Filler

If there are any cracks in the asphalt's surface, then you need to fill them before painting. You can purchase some asphalt crack filler at your hardware store that comes in a tube that resembles silicone caulk. Using a caulking gun, fill the playground's cracks and allow them to completely dry before applying paint.

Tip: Consider Having an Asphalt Contractor Come and Sealcoat the Asphalt's Surface

If your school's asphalt has faded in the sunlight over the years, then you should consider having a professional asphalt contractor sealcoat it before you apply any decorative paint. Sealcoating will restore the smooth black surface of your playground making it look as nice as the first day it was installed. Finally, sealcoating asphalt also protects it from the elements and greatly improves its lifespan.  

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