Keeping Your Newly Paved Driveway In The Best Condition

If you just made the investment to have your driveway paved with asphalt, you are most likely happy with the new appearance it provides to your property as well as a smooth surface to drive upon. Keeping your driveway in this condition will require you to do some simple maintenance steps. Here are some tips you can use to help keep your driveway from becoming damaged or deteriorated prematurely.

Make Sure To Move Your Vehicles Around

If you park your vehicles in the same exact location day after day, the asphalt will sustain damage in the form of impressions left in the areas where tires were positioned. The weight of vehicles will cause asphalt to become pushed down over time. To aid in keeping these markings from showing up in your driveway at all, you can move your vehicles to different spots of the paved surface each time you return home. This will help to keep your driveway flat and smooth for a good many years.

Protect The Surface From Chemical Agents

It is extremely important to avoid placing chemicals directly on an asphalt surface. Oil, gas, landscaping materials, pesticides, and other commercial chemical agents can alter the consistency of the asphalt, causing it to weaken as a result. Some of these substances may also cause discoloration of the asphalt. To protect your driveway, avoid using any product directly over the asphalt if possible. Fix leaking vehicle troubles promptly or place a tarp underneath them to catch any liquid that falls. Consider using organic methods to treat your lawn or to remove pests from your property. This will not only be better for the land but will also help in keeping your driveway in the best of shape as well.

Take The Time To Clean The Driveway Regularly

Your driveway's appearance will last much longer if you clean debris from it regularly. Use a garden hose to wash away any dirt or natural debris that lands upon the asphalt as soon as it is noticed. A push broom can also be used to whisk away dust when necessary. Avoid using a pressure washer when doing a cleaning procedure as the water impact may cause cracking to occur if there are weakened portions of asphalt within the driveway. Cleaning your driveway will help to keep it from fading unevenly and will remove the chance of moisture accumulation, which often leads to deterioration as a result.

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